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5 Philips Hue apps you need to have on your iPhone or Android

Not fully satisfied with the official Philips Hue app? Missing some functionalities? This covers the top five apps you need to know.

But first things first, to initially set up the Philips Hue system you need the official Philips Hue app. So no way around here. Right after that is done, however, it is definitely worth to look into some of the alternative apps. They offer a better user interface, better light management or some other cool features.

1. Huemote:

Advertised as “A Fast Remote for Your Philips Hue Lights” you can pretty much guess what you get. A very efficient app to handle the most important Hue functions. You can control the color, state and brightness of all your bulbs from just one screen. You can add a control widget to your today screen and even use your apple watch to control Hue. If you want to control your lighting by room you can group them and quickly change all setting for the whole room.


2. Hue Camera for Philips Hue

Have you ever seen Ambilight on a Philips TV? Then you get the idea of the app. It uese your camera to adjust the lightning to the picture in real time. And it works pretty great. You can adjust the speed of adjustment and the light intensity. It’s pretty impressive and you can definitely show off the Hue capabilities to your friends with this app.


3. Hue Disco

Want to sync your lightning to your music, then this is your best option. It gives you control on everything from mic sensitivity to colorfulness. The “Disco Theme” allows you to pick the color palette / mood your Hue should use to sync to the music. Want to have a strobe effect? No problem with this app.


4. On Switch

If you are too lazy to build your own lightning scenes in the official app, you can just get OnSwitch and use the pre setup ones. It is super easy to use, has some cool features like wake up and sleep timer and allows you to group light bulbs.


This is actually one of the most powerful apps you can combine with your Philips Hue system. There will shortly be a separate post on all that you can do with IFTTT and Hue. Let’s just talk about the general idea here. IFTTT allows you to link triggers with certain actions. Want to have your light flash when you get an e-mail? Want your light to turn a specific color when you get a call? Want to turn on your light when the weather changes? Your favorite team scores a goal and your light flickers… these and many many more things are possible.
Best thing this one is for free.

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