Best Amazon-Deals Black Friday Week 2017

Since 2010, Amazon provides its customers with great offers in late November as part of Black Friday week. Over the past few years, the Thanksgiving Monday, originally intended as an online alternative to Black Friday, has turned into a full week of deals and special offers. Also this year it is expected that Amazon will offer hefty discounts, especially on the now enlarged range of in-house developments. In order to have an overview, we summarize the most important deals for Amazon products you should keep an eye on.

Amazon Echo

Under the name of “Echo”, Amazon has established an almost unbeatably strong product range. All devices interact seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, the in-house Smart Assistant. From voice control of your Spotify playlist, automation of lighting settings of your Philips Hue to phone calls, your imagination has virtually no limits.

Amazon Echo Plus

With the Echo Plus, Amazon has proven its sense for the market. Similar to the Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Dolby’s audio professionals have been listening to subwoofers and speakers – and did a great job. The new technology delivers crystal-clear 360 ° sound for the entire room. The microphones have also improved in quality – even shouting from other rooms works. However, the biggest selling point in our eyes is the integrated ZigBee hub. If that does not immediately make for happy faces: ZigBee is the de facto standard for the control and management of smart home devices. With no additional control unit, you can seamlessly and easily connect your devices: Philips Hue, Tado and a host of other manufacturers work out of the box.

Amazon Echo (2. Generation)

The most obvious innovation is the outward embellishment that Amazon made in the 2nd generation of its Echo. The chunky design of the first generation gives way to a variety of materials in a smaller housing. But even under the hood, Amazon has refurbished significantly: The speech recognition has been significantly improved, Amazon Echo now plays music through Dolby speakers and even phone calls are now possible. In our eyes, even at the normal price an absolute snap – and twice in the Black Friday Week!

Amazon Echo Dot

The smallest member of the Amazon Echo series does not have to hide from his big brothers. With the full power of Alexa, the Echo Dot offers much of the functionality of the rest of the series. Whether for the entry into the world of home automation or as a convenient interface to Spotify and your own stereo system, we are sure: This purchase is worthwhile!

Amazon Fire TV

Only a few weeks ago, the latest generation Fire TV has made it into the living room. Packed with new features and must-haves for enthusiasts and occasional users, we cannot undeline how much we recommend this. The list goes from the almost obligatory integration of several Alexa features, overwhelmingly sharp images in 4K to the abound Dolby Atmos. “Jump two minutes forward” eliminates any annoying credits in the next binge-watching session and is just one of over 7,000 channels, Alexa skills and apps available to you. Coupled with a Prime membership, which we alone recommend for the 30 minutes exclusive access to all offers on Cyber ​​Monday, the Fire TV is the powerhouse in the living room.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you do not have a 4K TV in your living room yet, just want to keep your little toe in the entertainment water or maybe you want to equip a 2t or 3t device, you can get the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Amazon offers the full functionality of Amazon Prime Video in the smallest of spaces and streams your favorite series directly into your living room – including all the benefits of the really awesome Alexa voice remote!

Amazon Kindle

Also with Kindles, there were innovations this year – including the Kindle Oasis, the lightest and most powerful e-reader from Amazon. But for every budget and for every use Amazon offers an answer – here is the overview.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

The new flagship of the Kindle series is the Amazon Kindle Oasis. The largest display to date is again made in the proven and patented e-ink technology and enables reading in all lighting conditions. The excellent resolution of 300DPI provides a razor-sharp typeface, and the power-saving lighting allows precise tuning for fatigue-free reading. In the meantime, however, it is no longer just possible to read books – listening to audiobooks is no longer a problem thanks to the partnership with Audible. The integrated battery lasts for weeks, and the waterproof processing even allows the fearless at the sea or pool.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Just because there is a new flagship in the Kindle family, it does not mean that the Kindle Voyage, the best Kindle from the last generation, is less worth buying. On the contrary – slightly lower in price and still full of cool features for today’s bookworm, the Kindle Voyage is still in the top segment of e-readers. Automatic light adjustment, a high-resolution display and huge battery life leave no doubt. Our favorite feature is PagePress. Without having to take your finger off the Kindle, flipping over can be done by simple pressure and protects your hands from fatigue when a book has a hold on you and does not let go.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Thanks to regular updates to the hardware and software of Kindle Paperwhite, it remains relevant. Full 300 DPI resolution and huge battery life make the Kindle Paperwhite the perfect beginner model. In direct competition to many other e-readers from Asia, it can still assert itself and allows to take 10,000 books on vacation.

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