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Top 5 HomeKit devices

Philips dominates the market of HomeKit enabled devices with its vast range of products. Nevertheless, once hooked on the vast capabilities of home automation, you might be hungry for more – and you are in luck. Nowadays the market for smart appliances and devices is growing steadily. Opening the door for the kids, checking if you closed your windows and even changing the temperature at home is now right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. These are the top 5 HomeKit compatible devices, unlocking the full power of home automation.


# 1. iDevices Switch for Homekit

iDevices switch for Homekit

Clearly in the lead for HomeKit enabled gadgets is the iDevices Switch. With simple plug and play you’re able to smarten up everything with a plug. Let Siri switch on the bedside lamps or fire up your PC with voice commands by hooking up any device you can think of to these smart plugs. Setup is a breeze for these switches, the iOS app lets you name the individual switches and gives Siri access so you can start building automation workflows easily.


# 2. August Smart Lock

August smart lock homekit enabledAugust Smart Lock Homekit EnabledAugust is a smart lock in every regard. The battery-powered lock uses a highly secure technology called “Low Energy Bluetooth” to sync itself to your iOS device securely to protect your locks without compromising ease of use. After a quick and easy setup you can create virtual keys for your friends and guests to grant them temporary access, automatically lock your door when you leave the house and track locks and unlocks right from your smartphone. The best part? Even when August runs out of power you can still use your regular keys as its not manipulating your locks mechanics, and long before that happens it’ll buzz you with a handy notification to change its battieres.


# 3. Elgato Eve Door & Window

elgato wireless contact homekit technology

Elgato is a known player on the smart home market offering a broad range of HomeKit enabled devices and sensors under its “Eve” sub-brand. Now your windows and doors state can be monitored from HomeKit with the Elgato Eve Door & Window. Turn of your A/C when you open the windows or check if you forgot to close the balcony door before you left for work, all from your iPhone by simply asking Siri. And since Elgato has been around the block for a while the setup is less of a hassle than you would expect thanks to Elgato’s Eve iOS app.


# 4. ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat

Old-skool thermostats are usually limited to a single room, and traditionally that’d then be your hallway as the central point of your flat. And while a cozy 22°C in your living room are just about right while you Netflix and chill, for a sound sleep most people prefer something in the neighbourhood of 17°C. Thanks to ecobee3’s HomeKit-enabled thermostat you can individually control the temperature in different rooms and create more elaborate automations for Siri to control. Tell Siri to heat up the living room before you get home, and while you’re at it – dim the lights and turn on some music!


# 5. Elgato Eve Room for Homekit

Last but not least is Elgato’s air condition sensor called Eve Room. It can analyse not only temperature but also factors like humidity, air quality and even volatile organic compounds in the air you breathe. And due to Elgato’s experience with smart home devices setup is painless and quick without sacrificing security.


Home automation is becoming more approachable, easier to use and more powerful. Options like the iDevices Switch get you started in this exciting development without breaking the bank, and once you’re hooked you’ll never want to go back. If you want to learn more on smart home automation, do not forget to follow on social platforms and recommend it to your friends!

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