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Nest is a Must-Have for Philips Hue Fans

Philips claims that they have team up with Nest to get the most out of both products. Before we jump to the details of how Nest is integrated into your Philips Hue ecosystem let’s have a look what Nest actually is.

Nest – Smart home meets darn good industrial desgin

Nest is known for its learning thermostat which is available in its third generation now. What does learning thermostat mean you might ask. Nest controls your heating but not only that. After a couple of days it learns from your temperature adjustments and controls the heating according to your liking. For example it learns when you get up in the morning and when you leave the house and adjust the heating accordingly. So a great tool to make your heating smart, saving money while reducing the carbon footprint. What makes Nest even greater is its looks. The industrial design is definitely one of its strong points and by the looks alone it makes your home look smarter. So before we go on, order your Nest!


Nest also has some other great products that you should definitely check out if you are into creating a smart home. The product line includes security cams for both in- and outdoors and a smoke detector.


Integrate Nest and Philips Hue to get some must-have smart home features

Let’s move on the integration of Nest and Philips Hue. Many people are afraid that if they buy smart home stuff from different companies they have to use many different apps and the smartness is isolated to the individual product lines. That is not the case with Nest and Philips Hue. Both ecosystems work pretty well together. For instance when you leave the house for work, Nest reduces the heating and switches of all your Hue lights. There is even stuff that potentially could save your life. When your Nest smoke detector goes off it can tell the Hue lights to set the lightning to the best way to see through smoke. The integration also allows you to link the Nest security cam to your lightning, basically allowing you to save some money on Philips Hue motion detectors.

The best thing it is really quite easy to setup all these smart connections between both systems.

Get everything to the next level with Amazon Alexa or Googel Home

Last but not least you should get an Amazon Echo or Google Home for your ultimate smart home to control Nest and Philips Hue with your voice –  see more here for our comparison of Amazon Echo and Philips Hue.


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