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2017 Guide to Philips Hue

Over the last days we collected some of the questions users and potential Hue newbies have. In this post we want to collectively answer them and form a 2017 guide for Philips Hue. Let us know if you have more questions by posting them in the comment sections below.

Let’s get started with all the important questions:

Is now the right time to buy a Philips Hue starter kit?

Yes. Philips just updated the Hue to generation 3 in October 2016 and bulbs have even better colors now. So it’s the perfect time to get one.

Should I really get the 3rd generation Philips Hue, or is generation 2 the better deal?

We wrote a whole article on this matter, comparing all three generations of Philips Hue lighting. You can find it here.

Are Philips Hue worth it?

That is a tricky one. Of course for us they are. But is that also true for you? Are you a tech geek? Do you enjoy home automation? Are you into mood lightning? If you answer these questions with yes, then Philips Hue is most probably worth it for you, too. Still can’t decide? Look at our overview of competing products here.

How does Philips Hue work with Alexa?

A very important questions for 2017. It is a huge trend to get your own smart little assistant to voice control your smart home. Alexa is available on more and more devices. The easiest way however is to get an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. Once set up it is extremely easy to control you Philips Hue with your voice through Alexa commands. As Philips Hue is naively supported it is a great experience. There are other choices for smart home companions, too like Google Home. Here you can read which one you should get.

What is Philips Hue lux / brightness?

Generation 1 bulbs have 600lm while generation 2 and 3 have 25% more brightness with 800lm. The Philips Hue lightstrip had 120lm in the first generation and got a huge imprvement in brightness to 1,600lm with the second generation.

Is it possible to use several devices to control Philips Hue?

Yes, you can install the Hue app on up to 10 Android or iOS Devices and connect to the same Hue Brige.

How many bulbs can you connect to one Hue Bridge?

It is possible to connect up to 50 bulbs or “Friends of Hue” products to one Hue Bridge.

I have heard about Philips Hue geofencing. What is Philips Hue geofencing? How does Philips Hue geofencing work?

Philips Hue’s geofencing funcion allows you to automatically turn on/off your Hue lights when you enter or leave your home, just by using the location of your mobile.
To use Philips Hue geofencing you need a smartphone with GPS capabilities, a account and the latest Hue app. You enable geofencing by creating and activating new scenario in the Hue app. Then you need to edit the scenario and confirm the “Automatic” mode. Here you can choose “My Location”. That’s it. You can see that everything is setup correctly if the scenario preview shows a blue “My Location” indication.

What are the “Friends of Hue”

The Friends of Hue is a cooperation of Philips with other smart device producers and ecosystems. Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT, Logitech Harmony, Nest and Samsung SmartThings currently are part of Hue Friends. Want to know more about Philips Hue and Apple Homekit? Check this out. For mor info on all the cool features Philips Hue offers in combination with its Friend Nest, see here.

Help us to get more of your questions answered and post them in the comment section below.


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