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Philips Hue – The Competition

The Philips Hue product line surely is pretty amazing. Easy to handle and with endless possibilities. If you are planning to equip your home with mood lightning you can’t go wrong with the Hues Starter Kit. However, there are other products like the Sylvania lightify system by Osram that might be worth considering. Maybe you want to spend less? Or you are looking for different design? Here are your best alternatives to Philips Hue:

1. SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osramsylvania lightify LED starter Kit

Like the Philips Hue the SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram has a central hub which is called Gateway and connects all smart products. The best way to start is like with Philips, buying a so called SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram Smart Home Starter Kit, which includes the Gateway and one RGBW bulb.

The advantage of Osram’s platform over Philips’ is that the Gateway can also control a smart plug. However, the choice of lighting products compared to Philips is limited to currently only bulbs (classic tunable white, classic white and RGBW) and a light strip. All of the Osram bulbs are dimmable. Osram offers a pretty good app for both Android and iOS. Furthermore Osram offers a motion sensor and a wireless switch.

We see the SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram as one of the best alternatives to the Philips Hue as it is quite a lot cheaper but already a powerful platform.

2. Misfit Bolt LED Smart Bulb

The Misfit Bolt LED Smart Bulb is surely an interesting product, especially if you own a Misfit Flash fitness tracker. If you are only looking for a good looking multicolor LED bulb that you can use outdoors and allows you control the color through your phone or Misfit Flash then this is the product for you.  The Misfit Bolt LED Smart Bulb is sold as single bulb or in packs of three.

One main difference to the Philips Hue and the SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram is that the bulbs are connected directly to your phone via bluetooth and are not linked through a hub into your home network. As a consequence you do not have to buy a hub. As the price is similar to the Philips Hue bulbs we tend to recommend this product only if you don’t want an extensive platform of different lighting products.

3. GE Link

Also GE offers a so called GE Link Wireless Starter Kit, including a hub and two AA19 LED light bulbs. GE also offers a range of different bulbs so you will find the one that fits into your favorite lamp.   GE, however, doesn’t offer any multicolor LED bulbs at the moment.

Hint: According to many users these bulbs can be integrated into the Philips Hue system. You might be able to save quite some bucks here.


The LIFX A21, LIFX A19 and LIFX A21 White 800 are an option if you do not want to invest money into a hub but still want a bulb that connects to your wi-fi. The LIFX products can be connected to different service like Alexa or IFTTT. The set-up is super simple and the app allows you to control all you need. LIFX, however, charges a considerable price for it’s high class product.



5. Cree A19 LED Bulb

The Cree A19 LED Bulb is the cheapest option here. For around $15 you can buy a fully dimmable LED bulb that is able to connect to services such as Amazon Echo, Wink, WeMo, and others.

This was our overview on Philips Hue competitors. Independent of if you go for one of these or the original, we are here to support you with all the knowledge we have gathered in our time using smart lighting in our smart homes. Be sure to follow our articles on Philips Hue, smart lighting and smart home in general. And you all know, nothing says thank you better than a like and a share!

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